About Lanesboro

The Granary's Mission

At The Granary, our aim is to honor our customers with the finest coffee beans, blends, wines from near and far along with artisan beer. It is a pleasure to show people how great something so 'simple' can be and the joy it can bring.  We know quality trumps everything, especially when it comes to what we serve!

Lanesboro, sometimes called the “Magical Hamlet,” is a thriving southeastern Minnesota community that has become a destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors. It’s an old town by Midwestern standards, settled in 1856. But its redo as a tourist draw dates only to the 1970s and owes much to the wisdom of converting an abandoned rail line into a bicycle trail.

The town is nestled into the Root River Valley and surrounded by idyllic rolling countryside and rocky bluffs. It had been a busy milling community in the 1870s, when most of the downtown commercial district that remains today was built.