Our Ice Cream . . . The Chocolate Shoppe

What is Super Premium Ice Cream?

In 1962, Chuck Senior and Nancy Deadman opened the doors to their Chocolate House Candy and Ice Cream store. They began with 19 flavors of their homemade super-premium ice cream. The thought was that they could make their candies and a bit of ice cream to be content. As their ice cream gained in popularity in the Madison area, they began selling to local restaurants. Soon the ice cream portion became the main focus of their business. At that time, the name became Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream.
In 1976, their eldest son, Chuck Junior along with his wife, Jacque, came back to Madison and wanted to continue the business' growth and development. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream manufacturing then moved to its current location at 2221 Daniels St. Dave Deadman, the youngest son, came back to the company in the early 90's. He helped give a new image to Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream with a new logo and a boost to get the company where it is today.
So what does the super-premium in "Genuine Super-Premium Wisconsin Goodness" mean? Simply put, it means the best around! But if 'simply put' isn't your thing, and the intricacies of ice cream-making excite you as much as they do us, then let us entertain you with the fun world that is super-premium ice cream! To be considered super-premium, ice cream needs an 'overrun' of less than 50%. Ice cream overrun refers to the amount of air pushed into the ice cream while it is being made.
The standard of 50% overrun means that the ice cream is made with one part air to every two parts cream. The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream standard is 35% overrun, meaning we add one part air to every three parts cream. So why should we care how much air is added to the ice cream? Because the lower the overrun, the creamier, smoother and richer the ice cream tastes! Less air translates to fewer ice crystals, and fewer ice crystals means you get that melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that you can't get anywhere else. Less air also means more cream per lick, giving that explosion of rich flavor you've come to expect.

The Granary Flavors

  • Old Fashioned Vanilla
  • Zanzibar Chocolate
  • This $&@! Just Got Serious
  • Butter Pecan
  • Blue Moon
  • Mint Chip
  • Coconut Almond Bliss
  • Cotton Candy Twist
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Mackinac Island Fudge
  • Carrot Mango (Dairy Free)
  • Raspberry Lemon (Dairy Free)
  • Flavors Change Now & Then